Covid-19 Secure Entry Requirements for All Shows

For all our festive entertainment-seekers this December, please kindly be advised that from 29 Nov Domestic COVID vaccination certificates have been introduced with a two week grace period to Monday 13 December 2021.

As a result, we are required to request proof of COVID Status upon entry of the event for all attendees aged 18 and over.

You will be asked to verify your COVID status through one of the following ways: **Please note the following requirements are subject to the two week grace period up to Monday 13 December 2021.**

  1. COVID Vaccination Certificate: For info:
  2. Proof of having been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks (bring your card/s)
  3. Proof of negative Lateral Flow or PCR Test within 48 hours before you wish to attend – if you are taking a home test, remember to upload your results so you have a confirmation text. If you need to get a lateral flow test quickly click here for local stockists:
  4. Evidence of a positive PCR test result for COVID-19 within the previous 180 days and following completion of the self-isolation period.
  5.  If you have taken part in a clinical trial (past or current) and have written confirmation
  6. If you are medically exempt for clinical reasons for not being vaccinated

Please ensure you bring your ID in case we need to check against these.

Further details can be found here:

We are doing this to help keep you safe and to provide assurances to those attending our shows that all appropriate measures are being taken to protect them. So let’s keep each other safe so we can all enjoy the holiday season!