Flax Gallery

Open: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm (closed public holidays)

10 Years at The Mill

5 September – 26 September

Stephen Jamison

Passionate for wildlife and through his work Stephen endeavours to raise awareness of just how fragile or planet is, and seeks to bring the many obscure species overlooked by many to their attention and spotlight their plight. 

 This small exhibition of 25 pieces is my tribute to the Council for its support for the Arts and 20% of all profits will go to children’s and wildlife charities.

2 October – 30 October

Anthony O’Hagan

Hosting a contemporary wildlife series that has been developing for two years.  Aiming is to create a modern, colourful, contemporary collection of wildlife close ups and to have them exhibited together for the first time.

Anthony would be delighted to invite all those who supported his quirky sheep series to come along and view the new exhibition of contemporary wildlife.

6 November – 27 November

Glengormley Art Club

Glengormley Art Club is a group who use various mediums of art, they have successfully exhibited in our galleries both in Mossley Mill & Antrim Castle Gardens.

Call and Response

4 December – 30 December

Bridgeen Butler

The ‘Call and Response’ exhibition shows the variety in Bridgeen’s work – from realism to abstraction from the representative to the whimsical; providing her audience with landscapes, seascapes, townscapes, figurative and still life works that draw from her life experience and from her imagination. This diverse exhibition is a joyful expression of artistic exploration with an overarching sensitivity to humanity and nature.