Flax Gallery

Open: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm (Closed Public Holidays)

5 February – 25 March

Vivid Emoting Animals: Joanne Dougherty

Square prints completed using digital art medium. Prints show.

Vivid colour animals, close up, showing obvious emotions.


Threads of nature: Lisa Falls

Contemporary mixed media art inspired by nature’s ever changing colour palette and texture. I create hand painted and printed fabric which I then assemble and stitch onto cotton rag paper. Free motion embroidery, hand embroidery and mono printing, using natural elements such as feathers, seedheads or grasses found on my local walks are then added. My work can be viewed on instagram: @elfinart79


Wild & Free: Amy Ashe

This collection encapsulates the beauty, elegance and joyfulness of wildflowers growing freely and thriving in nature, each unique and beautifully blossoming in their own time. Just as we also blossom when our time is right.

Each wildflower original art piece is created by mixing vibrant bright colours, applied thickly with a palette knife, creating unique textures and markings, instilling happiness and evoking a sense of freedom.


1 March – 31 May: Museum at The Mill

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 3pm (Closed Public Holidays)

Stitching a Story: Wilma Kilpatrick & Helen O'Hare

Textile artist Wilma Kirkpatrick’s award-winning work has been exhibited across UK, Europe and America. The retired University of Ulster teacher of embroidery of over 40 years, presents a selection of quilts and samplers, some of which are collaborations with textile artist Helen O’Hare.

The quilts each tell a story using a range of embroidery techniques, using domestic and industrial machines, with hand stitching to construct them. Each quilt takes up to a year to create. The stories portrayed through the work range from emigration to events in the artist’s life.


1 April – 28 May

Future Works: Cré Collective

An exhibition (nine artists) presenting multi media and ceramic works (Paintings, Prints, Textiles, Ceramics).


20 June – 23 August

Nature and Urban Life: Sorrel Wills

I am exploring the beauty and unique qualities of our local urban landscapes and also regional natural landscapes. Much of my work is done, where possible on location from life, created “”en plein air.””

I also like to show where these worlds overlap, especially the presence of trees as a necessary beneficial feature of the urban landscape. Oil paintings which convey a sense of happiness and recognise the beauty in our everyday environments, radiating atmospheric effects.


2 September – 22 November

The Everyday: Interiors, gardens and family life: Helen Bradley

The collection of works proposed for this exhibition are drawings and paintings of everyday life often portraying the frenetic and chaotic aspects of being a mother of three young children. Helen uses a variety of media from crayons and biro to acrylics and oil paint. She use intense colours, layers and patterns to create images of interiors, gardens and family.


A series of paintings depicting facets of Ulster – farming, industry, animals, bridges etc


2 December 2024 – 22 January 2025

Glens of Antrim Reverie

My paintings range from 12 x 12 cm image size to 80 x 80 cm, acrylic and mixed media on paper, framed under glass, and on deep canvas, unframed. The paintings are nature-inspired expressive abstractions, and are vibrant, colourful and life affirming, full of movement.


February 2025

Glengormley Art Club "Unity in Art"

A mixture of watercolour, digital, acrylic and oils. Landscapes, seascapes, portraits, abstract.