Edward Jones: rUral

Friday 2 December 2022-  Tuesday 3 January 2023

Time: 10am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)

Flax Gallery: Theatre at The Mill

Free Exhibition: No booking required

“rUral” will be an exhibition of work created in my rough watercolour style. It will highlight traditional agricultural scenes in rural Ireland and show them in a real way.

I grew up in a rural location on a farm and have vast experience with animals and people in these areas. These are places of natural beauty but not finished like towns and cities. There are elements of the accidental and messy that wouldn’t last in the city. Things are combined to create unique spaces with character. The fields are not symmetrical and the hedges are not identical. The animals I paint are right for their space and show emotion and feeling without showing every single hair. They reflect the fact the animals live outside and though the sky is not always blue it is always beautiful.

My work will highlight the emotion from these rural locations. The paintings will tell a tale through the placement and use of animals but also through absence of features and details brought into the background to guide the viewer. I hope to convey some of my own childhood memories through these paintings so others can experience the same feelings and view I have for the rural. In truth it is almost a look back in time though my work may have hints and remnants of the modern age it also serves to remind us that though the world will change rural locations seem to continue on at their own pace, with little regard or acknowledgement for advances in modern technology.

The result will tell a simple story of life in a rural location and the beauty to be found there.